An amino acid involved in areas of human biochemistry, including ammonia detoxification, hormone secretion and immune modulation.

It is a key building block for maintaining healthy tissue and bones. In addition to that, it serves as a precursor to nitric oxide, which is needed to help the arterial system retain youthful elasticity.

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L-Arginine Caps L-Arginine Caps

Amino acid for optimal arterial health

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Arginine Ornithine Powder Arginine Ornithine Powder

Promotes muscle health & recovery

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Why is Arginine good for you?

Arginine helps strengthening muscle mass

Arginine is an amino acid which is present in many foods. As amino acids are known as the "building blocks" of life, it should only stand to reason that this substance is actually quite important to maintaining proper health.

We normally receive enough of this acid through consumption of meat, fish, poultry and dairy products. However, there are other individuals that will require larger doses, particularly those who are endurance athletes or who wish to gain strength and muscle mass.

Still, there are studies emerging that point to arginine as a critical anti-aging substance and also show that the amino acid helps to maintain a healthy heart. This lesser-known nutrient, therefore, is actually very important. It is for this reason that some will choose to take it as a supplement to their normal diet.

Many nutritional companies such as Life Extension Europe will supply pure forms of this amino acid.